Slide 10/26 10/30 11/6 11/13 11/20 Super Smash Bros Tournament
Saturday, October 23 | 6:30-8pm | Room 2 - Youth Building

Bring your A game as we play one of the classics!
Even if you aren’t a gamer, come hang out with us and you could win a Nintendo Switch! Dinner provided.

Slide Wednesdays
7-9p |Youth Building - Room 1
First, we have our High School program where we gather together to have fun, connect, worship and to hear from God’s Word. Afterwards, students go into Life Groups to share, discuss and pray with 8-12 students led by an awesome volunteer!
(Colossians 3:16; Hebrews 12:1-2)

Slide We believe that intergenerational worship is essential for building a faith that lasts. Our High School Ministry does not have it’s own weekend service. Students are welcome to attend any 5 weekend services (Sat. 4p & 5:30p or Sun. 8:30a, 10a & 11:30a) and we have a student section at the last service of each day! Saturday 5:30p & Sunday 11:30a | Worship Center


Staff Team

Diana Romero
HSM Coordinator

Meet the HSM team!

High School Pastor
Keith Hill
HSM Director

Slide Superficial conversations and unfulfilling relationships are everywhere. In a Life Group, you can develop better relationships, talk about stuff that matters and grow closer to God.

Life Groups are split up into 3 sessions:
Session 1: 9/15 to 11/17

Session 2: 1/12 to 3/16

Session 3: 4/20 to 5/25

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Slide Every Thursday night our HSM students create a new Instagram show called “Upside Down.” It’s fast and fun to watch and features teenagers sharing their stories and how their stories have been turned upside by the words of Jesus.

Premieres Thursdays, 7:30p